World’s most powerful keyword generator

We all have it. It’s our brain….

If you would like to get an edge on your competition put your thinking cap on.

Why not use all those wonderful tools, I hear you say …. because every man and his dog is using them. If you want an edge over your competition use your brain to generate the keywords.

Just like your target audience, they use their brain to search for your products; they don’t go to a tool to find out what they should be searching for.

Get your keyword inspiration from the general media:

  • New Papers
  • Magazines
  • Radio
  • Television

How many times have you heard something on the radio / tv or read something in the paper and decided to look it up online.

If you must use a tool, then try Google’s online free tool

If you want the best then try: NicheBot

Also don’t forget Typos. These are common spelling mistakes people make when searching for your products.

Keyword research is an ongoing process so keep looking for inspirations and ideas on regular basis and make use of your most powerful keyword generator your brain!!

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