How to make Adwords Campaigns profitable. (Part 1)

Avoid Generic Keywords.

Create Targeted groups with small number of relevant keywords. Ensure your landing page content relevant to your ad group.

Monitor your keyword performance weekly to start with and then monthly after 3-4 months.

Use Conversion tracking so you know keywords are converting. Without this you will be shooting in the dark and we all know how fruitful that is.

Delete keywords that are:

  • Not receiving any clicks
  • Not converting
  • Not profitable.

Why delete keywords that are not receiving clicks? Because they affect your Campaign CTR. Low CTR will means high cost to you.

Turn off content network. It will drain your CTR.

If a keywords has not converted in 100 Clicks. Delete it.

If a keywords has cost you more than your profit to convert delete it.

End of Part 1

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