Google Web History a pain?

Google launched the  Web History feature a few months back.

Google Web History
Google Web History

It caught me by surprise as for at least a few hours I was over the moon thinking my keywords were all on 1 position. The sceptic in me started to investigate and this joy was short-lived ?

Since then every time I see an unexpected rise in the SERPS I go and check the web history feature. The blighter keeps getting switched on itself and it has now become a pain in the back side having to switch it off every so often.
Looks like I will have to find some sort of plug-in which will keep it switched off for good.

PageRank will soon be no more

Our beloved Google toolbar page rank will soon be no more.

Old hats amongst us already know that Page Rank in toolbar does not mean much however we still all like to look at it now and then.

David Naylor’s Blog had this post When the PageRank Toolbar Goes Dark…

How long will it take for similar copy cat tool bars to start emerging, let’s wait and see …

How your competitors can damage your Google ranking.

At the moment competitors can damage your site in several ways, things that Google lets your competitors affect your rankings with are:

1. Inbound links from “bad”/”dodgy” places.
2. Hundreds of links from one IP address.
3. Duplicate content:
a) from competitors scraping your entire site and creating their own from it
b) from competitors stealing your articles and submitting them to article
submission services.
c) from sending bogus query strings to your URLs
d) getting your site spidered under SSL

4. 301/302 redirect hijacking (after all this time, it STILL happens!)

and there is new 301 hijack which is causing sites to drop like flies.

People who do this are scum to say the least.

Watch out and stay safe.